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Trek the Canadian Rockies 2022

Challenge level: 4 out of 5

When can I go?

17 June - 26 June 2022 On Sale
Duration 10 days

What does it cost?

Registration fee (payable today) Info £399
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Trek the Canadian Rockies 2022

Explore the wonders of the Canadian Rockies on this jaw-dropping trek in one of the planet’s top hiking regions.

Together, we’ll explore serene mountain lakes and powerful waterfalls, evergreen forests and enthralling mountain panoramas.

Vast valleys and limestone cliffs open up to meadows, bright with wildflowers.

Camping by night, we’ll wake every day surrounded by snow-capped peaks and experience their full magic on a variety of mountain treks.

We’ll tackle rocky climbs and scree-strewn descents, along with easier trails across creeks and through the woods.

Exploring the iconic hiking destinations of Canmore and Kananaskis Country, including the Iceline Trail, Floe Lake, Paradise Valley and more, we’re treated to exquisite views every step of the way.

Your itinerary

Day 1
UK – Calgary - Canmore, Canada

Our adventure begins with a flight from London to Calgary. Our local ground handler greets us off the plane and we transfer together to our hotel in Canmore in the late afternoon.

Here, we’re introduced immediately to the incredible landscape. Nestled in the Bow Valley of Alberta’s Rockies, we can’t help but feel miniscule surrounded by these stunning snow-capped mountains.

We have time to freshen up and get settled, before meeting again for an exciting briefing from our challenge leader and a delicious welcome dinner at our hotel.

Day 2
Canmore – Tent Ridge | approx. 10.5km/ 4-6 hours (+740m)

After a freshly-made breakfast at our hotel, it’s time to rock and roll!

Transferring to our starting point away from the town, we spend our first day exploring the amazing Spray Valley.

Starting off on a snaking trail through the woods, we may need to hop over a few logs, before the evergreens open up to the Monica Brook. We follow the stream to the handsome Monica Meadows and then we’re back into the woods.

Climbing on, we reach the south end of Tent Ridge and scramble across some rocks, before the terrain eases underfoot. Now out in the open, we follow the ridge crest and enjoy extraordinary panoramas over forested valleys, snow-capped mountains and a stunning aquamarine lake.

These vistas become more expansive and exquisite as we gain height, reaching the Tent Ridge peak at approx. 740m, before descending to our cosy campsite. Our day ends with a well-deserved dinner and rest.

Day 3
Canmore – Floe Lake | approx. 21km (+1,148m)

Leaving our campsite after breakfast, we transfer to the Kootenay National Park and immerse ourselves in more of the diverse landscape the Rockies has to offer. After yesterday’s rocky route, Kootenay’s meadows and creek-side paths make a welcome contrast underfoot.

We cross alpine meadows, bright with colourful wildflowers and trek through dense forests through the mountains. Pines tower above us, but seem small against the peaks piercing the sky above them.

As we walk, we’re likely to see the scars of the 2003 fire, which devastated the Kootenay National Park. Along with burned areas, we can look out for the patches of new forest, which have sprouted since the fire – a sign of nature’s resilience.

Climbing higher, we‘re treated to extraordinary views of valleys and glacial streams and finally, we reach the fairy-tale-like Floe Lake.

Surrounded by rocky summits and a rich variety of plant-life, this makes a serene rest stop, before we descend to our camp for dinner.

Day 4
Wilcox Pass – Tangle Falls | approx. 12 km (+1,148m)

This morning, we transfer to the Wilcox Pass trailhead, close to the iconic eco-region of Jasper National Park. Having passed lakes, glaciers, and giant peaks on our drive, we’re eager to explore more of this fantastic scenery on foot!

We enter a pretty fir forest and follow a trail through towering trees. As we climb higher above the treeline, we’re treated to the expansive views that birds enjoy.

From here, we can appreciate the diversity of eco-regions below, with barren, rocky stretches giving way to patches of forest and grass, spotted with snow.

Continuing across Wilcox Pass, the path levels out to some flatter trekking, we can marvel at the Columbia Icefields and hanging glaciers on the surrounding peaks.

Leaving the Pass, we cross a creek to venture through a forest, before following the creek bed to the Tangle Falls nestled amidst evergreens.
Descending for dinner, we spend another night camping in nature.

Day 5
Jasper National Park – The Iceline Trail, Yoho National Park | approx. 22km (+1,050m)

Yoho, yoho, it’s the hiker’s life for us, as we travel westwards across the Alberta border to the Yoho National Park in British Columbia.

The change in region gives us an awesome contrast in scenery, with different flora and lusher grass, adapted to higher volumes of snow and rain. Huge waterfalls crash down into the valley floor, fed by expansive icefields.

Our climb starts steeply, but we reap the rewards, as we trek higher than the treeline and take in spectacular panoramas of seemingly unending natural scenery. With nothing but mountains, valleys, forests and streams for miles, it’s easy to imagine a world free of urbanisation. We can even see the Takakkaw Falls and the Daly Glacier that feeds them.

Roaming on, we cross scree and barren, rocky expanses and our climb eventually levels out as we encounter two exquisite lakes.

Spending time here to take in the spectacular panoramas and enjoy the chilly fresh waters, we end the day descending to camp in the park.

Day 6
Yoho National Park – Paradise Valley – Banff National Park | approx. 17km

Setting off from closer to our campsite today, we ascend to Paradise Valley – and paradise it is. This high up on Earth, we encounter some of the largest peaks in the Rockies and a rainbow of contrasting colours to boot. Look out for enormous hanging glaciers, purple quartzite rock, bright blue lakes and green larch forests.

Commencing with a gentle ascent through a stunning spruce-fir forest, the trees soon open out to give us our first peek at the ice-capped Mount Temple.

We continue our climb and catch glimpses of the Paradise Creek, flowing through the tree-bedecked valley far below.

We now follow a charming trail through more dense forest, listening to the birdsong with the impenetrable vegetation making it easy to forget how high we’re climbing! We make a short descent to cross the Paradise Creek and head uphill through more forest, broken up every now and then with glimpses of the alpine mountains towering above us.

Eventually, we reach one of the area’s many pristine lakes, with a mountain backdrop and evergreen vistas. A rest here reinvigorates us for a final climb across meadows to the jaw-dropping Giant Steps waterfall. With soaring summits above us and icy water crashing over the enormous steps in the rocks, the power of nature here is humbling.

After taking a film-full of photos, we descend to our camp, staying another night in the Banff National Park.

Day 7
Banff National Park – Corey/Edith Pass Circuit | approx. 14km

We transfer after breakfast to Alberta’s second-highest town, Banff and embark on an enthralling days’ trek with ever-varying views and terrain.

Trekking up through a forest to a ridge, our climb toughens across rocky terrain, but rewards us with views of the spectacular Mount Cory. From here the scenery only becomes more bewitching, looking out over Gargoyle Valley as we cross Cory Pass (+2,350m).

We encounter another change in terrain as we make a scree-strewn descent and head to Mount Edith. Trekking around the mountain, we reach a path through an enchanting pine forest, home to mushrooms and the smell of Christmas.

This gentle, winding path leads us right to our finish line – back to where we started!

Tonight, we toast our awesome achievement with a very well-deserved celebration dinner, before a great night’s rest at a hotel in Banff.

Day 8

Our final day is free for you to spend as you wish, relaxing at the hotel or exploring the beautiful town of Banff.

You may want to take a trip to one of the town’s museums for some fascinating insight into the local history and culture or take a Gondola Ride for unforgettable, birds-eye view panoramas across the Rockies.

Today is also a chance to shop for some last-minute souvenirs, before we travel home on Day 9. To give you maximum flexibility on your free day, lunch and dinner are not provided, so please make your own arrangements.

Days 9 & 10
Banff – Calgary – UK

After a relaxed morning in Banff, this afternoon sees us departing the Rockies, transferring to Calgary for our flight back to the UK.

Touching down in London on Day 10, we say goodbye at the airport and you make your own way home.

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Funding options

Self Funded

Pay your registration fee and your challenge costs yourself.


Pay the balance

  • Pay a non-refundable registration fee of £399, which is used to administer the challenge and secure your seats with the airline.
  • Pay the challenge costs of £2,750 yourself 12 weeks before your challenge starts.
  • The challenge costs include flights (excluding airport taxes and fuel surcharge, approx. £380), food, accommodation, transfers, porters, guides and medical support, including two doctors.
  • Choose to fundraise as much as you can for the charity, hospice or animal sanctuary of your choice or make a personal donation.
  • Please also remember to budget for your visa and your airport taxes and fuel surcharge (approx. £380).
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Pay your registration fee and raise the minimum target for your chosen charity.


Minimum sponsorship target

  • Pay a non-refundable registration fee of £399 when you book, which is used to administrate the challenge and secure your seats with the airline.
  • Fundraise the minimum sponsorship target of £5,500 for a charity or animal sanctuary of your choice at least 12 weeks before your challenge.
  • Providing you have raised the funds, the charity you are supporting will pay the challenge costs of £2,750 on your behalf.
  • The challenge costs cover your flights (excluding airport taxes and fuel surcharge, approx. £380), food, accommodation, transfers, guides, porters and medical support, including two doctors.
  • Please also remember to budget for airport taxes and fuel surcharge (approx. £380).
  • Please note that not all charities are happy to commit to the minimum sponsorship option. If you choose this option, we contact the charity you want to support on your behalf. If they are not happy with the minimum sponsorship option, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.
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Trek the Canadian Rockies 2022

This challenge is not designed for Olympic athletes – it is designed for people looking for an amazing goal to train and get fit for. A number of the people who will take part on this challenge will have a low level of fitness level when they sign up.

This challenge is the perfect motivation to get fit, improve your own mental and physical health and well-being and support the cause closest to your heart.

We strongly recommend you train for the trek as we'll be tackling some steep terrain in Canada and the fitter you are, the more you'll enjoy it.

Once you register for the challenge, we'll send you a realistic training plan. This builds up gradually over time so you'll be ready and raring to go by the time we depart for Canada.

Please don't be! The majority of people will sign up on their own and our Dream Challenges are renowned for the amazing camaraderie and lifelong friendships made, as our groups take on these incredible feats together.

Once you've signed up for the challenge, we'll send you a link to a private Facebook group for everyone registered for Trek the Canadian Rockies 2022.

Please feel free to use this space to swap questions, advice and updates with your fellow trekkers on your training and fundraising.

You may also want to reach out to the other participants in this group to see if there's anyone in your local area you can meet up to train and fundraise with.

Absolutely not! One of the amazing things about the challenge is that people from all walks of life, aged 18 or over, will come together to do something very special.

You will of course need a pair of walking boots and your own three-season sleeping bag.

We'll supply you with a comprehensive list of everything you will need to take on the event well before your departure date.

We'll also send all participants a free Travel Safety Kit ahead of the challenge and it's essential you bring this with you to minimise both your own and your fellow participants' risk of COVID-19.

Your Travel Safety Kit will include hand sanitiser, anti-bac wipes and face masks for each day of the challenge. Please note, you do not have to wear face masks while trekking.

Your luggage, food and water will be transported to our accommodation each day, so you will only need to carry a small day pack containing essential accessories and equipment.


This challenge includes a whole mix of accommodation on a twin-sharing basis, from camping in the National Parks to comfortable hotels.

We organise our accommodation on a twin-sharing basis, which is included in the challenge cost.

However, if you would rather pay for a single supplement (approx. £400 per person, NOT included in your challenge cost) and have a room/tent to yourself, please get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

Certainly. Our accommodation is included in your challenge cost on a twin-sharing basis.

However if you would prefer to have a room/tent to yourself and pay for a single supplement, we'll be happy to arrange this for you at an additional cost of approx. £400. Please note, this is NOT included in your challenge cost).

If you would like a single supplement, please get in touch by emailing us at events@dream-challenges.com or call us on 01590 646410 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm).

As you can expect from a mountain trek, we'll be trekking uphill for a lot of the challenge and tackle some steep climbs and tricky descents.

Our trek takes us across rocky terrains and over streams and rivers via footbridges, along with easier terrain through rolling hills, forests and valleys.

Of course, if you wish to extend your stay in Canada, please let us know at least fourteen weeks before the challenge start date and we can arrange this for you.

The best way to get in touch is to email us at events@dream-challenges.com, or you can call us on 01590 646410 during office hours (9am - 5pm Monday - Friday).

Your registration fee of £399 per person is used to administer the challenge and secure your seats with the airline.

Your challenge costs of £2,750 (ie. 50% of the fundraising target if you choose the sponsorship option) cover:

  • Your flights (not including airport taxes and the fuel surcharge, approx. £380)
  • Meals throughout the challenge (except for your lunch and dinner on Day 8 and lunch on Day 9).
  • Accommodation*
  • Entree fees where applicable
  • All transfers in Canada
  • A team of first-aid and COVID-19-trained challenge guides and Dream Challenges staff
  • Full support from the Dream Challenges office in the lead up to and during your challenge
  • Medical support, including at least one UK doctor with expedition medicine training, who will accompany us throughout the challenge
  • Your Trek the Canadian Rockies 2022 medal and t-shirt
  • Extra protocols taken to protect you from COVID-19 - please see our ground-breaking 14-step action plan here.

*Accommodation is included on a twin-sharing basis. If you would rather pay for a single supplement and have a room/tent to yourself, we can arrange this for you for an additional cost of approx. £400.

Please email us at events@dream-challenges.com if you would like to do this at least fourteen weeks before the challenge starts.

*Please note that the optional extension package in Iceland is not included in your challenge cost.

In addition to paying your registration fee (£399) and either self funding your challenge costs or fundraising the minimum sponsorship target, you will need to budget for your:

  • Airport taxes and the fuel surcharge (currently £380 but subject to change – up or down)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch and dinner on your free day in Banff (Day 8) and lunch on Day 9
  • You may also choose to pay approx. £400 for a single supplement at our accommodation
  • Optional tours
  • Tourist visa for Canada

There will be around 30 participants in our group for Trek the Canadian Rockies 2022. You'll no doubt make a bunch of awesome new friends!

Travel Insurance

You will need to take out your own personal travel insurance covering health, accident, loss and repatriation. Dream Challenges has a recommended policy, which covers you for this type of activity and also covers you for cancellation due to medically-diagnosed COVID-19. We will send you details of this when you register for the trek.

You can, however, take out your own insurance, providing it covers you for a charity trek in Canada.

Please ask the insurer about the nature of the cover. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate cover for your challenge.


British Citizens don’t usually need a visa to visit Canada for short periods, but you’ll need to get an Electronic Travel Authorisation before you travel. We'll send you details on how to do this once you've registered for the challenge.

For more information, please see the government website here.

The Dream Challenges team is here to help you achieve your challenge and we will support you all the way. We are on hand from the minute you sign up to answer any questions that you may have about your training or the challenge itself.

Once you've registered, we will send you a realistic training programme to help you get fit for the trek. The programme builds up gradually as our departure date draws closer.

We also have fantastic first-aid-trained challenge guides, a group of porters and at least one UK doctor with expedition medicine training accompanying us throughout the challenge.

As we're not medically trained, we're afraid we can't offer you advice on this. We recommend you contact your GP or your local travel clinic, who will have the latest travel health advice.

We also recommend you visit the NHS Fit for Travel website here, to keep up to date with current travel health news and advice on staying healthy abroad.

NHS Fit for Travel website: https://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/home

As we hope you know, the health and safety of our participants is always - and has always been - our highest priority.

Our team of experts here at Dream Challenges has created a brilliant 14-step initiative, to minimise the risk of coronavirus and maximise your safety. Please click here to see our ground-breaking plan and rest assured that you're safe booking with us.

With even the government unsure how exactly the coronavirus situation will eventuate, we can't make any guarantees; but we can promise you that we will always put your health and security first and will always be just and flexible in any decisions we have to make, regarding postponements and transfers.


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