5 Top Trekking Tips

5 Top Trekking Tips

Our Dream Treks may be beautiful, but they are no walk in the park. We’ll be trekking generally long distances for days at a time. But there’s no need to worry about signing up! Trekking is great fun and will do wonders for your body as you work different muscles. We also send all participants a realistic and achievable training plan. So pull on your hiking boots and keep these top tips in mind.

1. Keep your feet comfy

This isn’t just a short walk around the block, so your regular trainers and converses won’t do the trick (or should we say trek?) Invest in some proper hiking boots with ankle support. Make sure the ankle cuff isn’t too high or you could damage your achilles.

If you’re unsure which height to go for, a sales advisor will be able to help. We recommend getting your trekking boots well ahead of the challenge, so you can wear them on your training walks and break them in to avoid blisters!

2. Supportive socks

Did you know you can get socks designed for walking long-distance? Well, you can and they are well worth investing in to give your feet extra protection on our trek.

3. Train on a range of terrains

We’ll tackle all sorts of terrains on our adventure, from river-side trails to steep paths up a mountain. Therefore, to set yourself up for success, try to incorporate a mix in your training walks.

4. Practice with your backpack

We’ll have luggage transportation throughout our challenge, so you won’t need to walk with your main luggage, but you will probably want to hike with a day bag.

This will hold things like your water bottle, camera and pocket money, so it won’t be heavy, but it’s good to bring a similar size bag along with you when you train, so you’re used to wearing it and the little extra weight.

5. Don't forget to stretch

It’s important to keep your muscles in good condition, so please remember to stretch after your training walks. Focus on your calves, quads, hamstrings, hips and also your back.

Fall in love with trekking and join us on one of our upcoming adventures!

If you want to try trekking yourself, look no further. With our unsurpassable support, renowned camaraderie and unbeatable itineraries, you’ll get the best trekking experience you could ask for. There’s a reason our adventurers come back year upon year to trek and cycle again with us!

Join us on our once-in-a-lifetime trek on and alongside the Great Wall of China or hike through the amazing Himalayas in Nepal and India. If you’d rather a wildlife-packed challenge, immerse yourself in the amazing Amazon Rainforest and spot more species you can anywhere else on Earth.

Animal lovers will also go wild for our Kenya Maasai Adventure and our treks in Borneo and Uganda, where you’ll encounter orangutans and gorillas in their natural habitats!

The excitement doesn’t end there. Journey from Singapore to Java and climb four of Java’s most extraordinary volcanoes or hike through time on our Inca-redible Inca Trail Trek in the misty mountains of Peru.

We have loads more for you to choose from, so please choose your next trek here and we’ll see you there!

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