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Women V Cancer Ride the Night: A poem by Marie Unsworth

A beautiful poem from one of our amazing Women V Cancer heroes, Marie Unsworth, who here describes her experience riding the night in 2018. Marie is one of the 3253 overwhelmingly inspiring women who cycled 104 km through London this May in support of the three Women V Cancer charities, Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

The 26 May ride, which Marie cycled, was particularly challenging (to +say the least) due to the insane weather. Marie and her fellow Women V Cancer challengers rode through a dramatic thunder storm and torrential downpours - and all with smiles on their faces. Her poem below sums it up perfectly.

Oh what a night

Windsor Racecourse




Etched on all those faces

Words of wisdom



Calm before the storm

Off we go

Stay close Marisa

I'm right behind you 

Cheering all around


Bumps in the road


Traffic lights

So many traffic lights

Time check

We haven't snacked yet

We laughed

We were so warm

Side by side

Remembered to sip our drinks

Feed station 1

Friendly voices


Park anywhere 

Well done ladies

All the cakes!!! 

Which cake



Filled our drinks bottles

Dash to the loo

Layer off

I'm too warm

Off again

Pitter patter rain drops

Just keep peddling 

Hail now

The size of marbles

 We screamed

They hurt!

We sheltered in a bus stop

With those out for the night

They missed their bus

We were all in the way! 

No one minded

Flooded roads now

Safety first

Go slowly

Avoid puddles

Mind the white lines

Splish splash

Wet through 

Puddles in our shoes

Water pouring down face & neck

Who cares

Pedal pedal pedal

Marshals with light sabres

Guide the way

Our heroes

Keeping us safe

London sights approaching

Thunder & lighting to

Misty lenses

Spoil the views

Over bridges

Birdcage walk

Buckingham Palace

Raining all the way

Feed stn 2

Cheering voices

Well done ladies

Rack your bikes

Savoury rolls

Cheese for us

Half each

Let me fill your drinks bottle

Helpers everywhere

Thank you thank you 

Oh & Happy Birthday Sophie

Sweet 16

We remembered

She smiled & thanked us

Let's get going

Official Photographer snapped us

Going through an arch

Then on we go

Dig deep

This is relentless

This rain

That thunder

The Lightning

Politely passing others

Safely on the right

Coming round you

Love your hat

& your stripey top

Fancy dress

The spirit of the ride

Marie are you there

Yes I'm here

Behind you 

Side by side again 

Together all the way 

Encouraging words

Groups of ladies


Keeping spirits up

Miles still to conquer

Puddles still to dodge

Rain easing 

Empty roads

Night riders

Glowing wheels

Lit up

Feed stn 3

Pull in



The end is nearing

We know it's tough

Tite Hill they shout

We can do this

Through the gears

Granny ring

She's my friend 

On & on

Marisa in front 


Keep calling my name 


& again


It's so dark

Speed bumps

We did it

That was tough

On we go

What goes up

Must come down! 

I actually can't see the rd

Can you?


Down we go

Steady now

I really can't see

Says Marisa

I don't like it

I'll go in front I say

Follow me

I can't see either

Pitch pitch black

Hang on tight

Gently on the brakes


You ok

I'm not loving this I hear

This is dangerous

Hang on tight

On forever


We are down

Behind us now

Let's go

& nearly there 

Time to reflect

Who supported you? 

Can you name them

Yes I can

Mick Kirsty Benj Angela Amanda Jenny Graham so many friends

Neil, so many friends, line dancers, customers at the Bear

My turn again

Christine Doreen Val Cathy Bill Crochet girls

On & on we went

Naming every one

So much support

You were with us 

All of you with us

Then up ahead


A Marshall

This way please

We are here

Speed bumps now 

Finish line in sight

Cheers of well done

Lots of excitement

Such a welcome 





Happy faces

Smiling now

Beaming now

We did it

We did it!! 

More helpers here

Hold bike steady

Off I get

A medal

Such a pretty medal



One goal



Over the last five years, thousands of women have cycled 104 km through London at night and raised over £6 million for the three invaluable charities, Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Our flagship Women V Cancer charity cycle is the biggest female cycling event in the UK and it's back for 2019 with a bright pink boost. 2019 will not only see the return of Ride the Night London but will also see the launch of the first ever Ride the Night Edinburgh. Spaces for these two life changing challenges are already filling up fast, so secure your place today to avoid missing out altogether.

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