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Sian's Story

Dad’s Prostate Cancer Battle Inspired Me To Walk the Night

Having a loved one go through cancer was something that 22-year-old Sian Hill never thought she would experience. Then her dad was diagnosed.

In the summer of 2016, Sian's dad, Rick Hill, visited his doctor after experiencing some pain in his stomach. An MRI and biopsy revealed the aggressive tumour in his prostate, and he was fast-tracked for a quick removal.  Fortunately, action was taken in time and he had a successful recovery.

Rick remained positive throughout his recovery and has even set up a support group for other men and their families in the family’s hometown of Daventry, Northamptonshire. Rick recognises the importance of providing a comfortable and relaxed space to talk about prostate cancer, and finding a way of shining a positive light on the experience.

Inspired by her dad’s optimism, Sian has described his battle with cancer as bringing the family closer together and making family time more precious. She has decided to challenge herself to take part in a fundraising event to raise money for the people who have supported her dad. Having found Dream Challenges' Walk the Night event on Prostate Cancer UK’s website, Sian registered both herself and her boyfriend to walk the marathon around the city of London in July 2018.

Sian’s dad has been incredibly proud and supportive of Sian and her boyfriend’s goal and has even been providing fundraising ideas.

Sian says: “I’ve taken part in charity events before, but Walk the Night really stood out as it’s the first event I've seen that will allow me to take part with both men and women and raise money for two important charities – Breast Cancer Care and of course, Prostate Cancer UK.”

She concludes: “My dad’s recovery has been amazing! Cancer, you picked the wrong family to mess with!”

Lean more about taking part in Walk the Night 2018.

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