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Sophie was able to catch her breast cancer early thanks to CoppaFeel!'s awareness campaigns alerting people to carry out a regular boob check.

How CoppaFeel! helped me discover my breast cancer early

Sophie discovered she had breast cancer in 2016 after she saw CoppaFeel!'s founder on television discussing the importance of boob checking. It was only after starting to coppafeel that she found something unusual, went to her GP and was able to get it diagnosed early and treated quickly. Here, Sophie tells her story.

“But you’re so young” seems to be something I hear a lot now. Before 2016, I think I was naïve to the fact that breast cancer can affect people so young. Thanks to CoppaFeel!, I was aware of checking my boobs, this was after I saw Kris (CoppaFeel! founder) on Russell Howard’s Good News in 2015.

In June 2016, after doing my monthly shower check, I noticed something wasn’t quite right with my right boob, so I went to my GP, who said it wasn’t anything to worry about. He put me on antibiotics and I left to go traveling for two months. However, when I came back, something still wasn’t right. I went back to the GP who said he couldn’t feel anything. I was worried, so he sent me to the breast clinic at my local hospital. It was there, on the 31st of August 2016, I heard the words that changed my life forever: “We think it’s cancer.” My cancer was at stage three. It was 10cm and had spread into my lymph nodes. I was lucky (if you can say that), my cancer was treatable with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But because it didn’t present with the “typical” lump, I wasn’t referred straight away. My boob was just harder, painful and the nipple had slightly inverted.

The work CoppaFeel! does is so important to break down the assumptions made about breast cancer, whilst educating women and men on the signs and symptoms. The signs and symptoms I was aware of, allowing me to seek out help and get diagnosed. It is so important to me, for this education to become the norm and it is why I have become a Boobette for CoppaFeel!

Sophie and Charlotte spread awareness of the importance of boob checking on the TV show, Lorraine.

Sophie and Charlotte spread awareness of the importance of boob checking on the TV show, Lorraine.

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Sophie has now finished her treatment and has made a full recovery, thanks to CoppaFeel; but there are still so many lives at risk. The mission against cancer is an ongoing one and CoppaFeel! need your help to educate and remind people about the importance of checking their boobs and detecting breast cancer early, when survival rates are higher and treatments are more successful.

Recognised by thousands of people as a truly invaluable cause, over a thousand men and women from all around the UK are coming together to raise funds for CoppaFeel! and Prostate Cancer UK by walking a marathon around London at night. Join us on 27 July 2019 for Walk the Night and support the cause.

Alternatively, you can choose to support CoppaFeel! exclusively through any of our open challenges, which allow you to choose which charity you raise funds for.

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