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Altogether Wow

Breaking News: Dream Challenges - Altogether Wow

In the words of the 90s smash hit by The Farm, Dream Challenges and Action for Charity are ‘All together now’! After much deliberation we’ve dispensed with the Action for Charity name to trade as simply ‘Dream Challenges’.

It’s just a name change, everything else about us stays the same… the superb range of challenges, the expert knowledge and the friendly team. There is just one exception…

We thought, what better way to cement the new company formation than with a brand new shiny website. Hope you agree we’ve set out our stall well and are showing off our challenges in the best possible light – it's much easier to register now too.


Help us name our hero for a £50 Cotswold Outdoor voucher!

We do need your help with one thing… the character in our new Dream Challenges logo needs a name! We can’t keep calling ‘him’ Widget or Thingy can we?  Take a look at our little character, ‘he’s’ extremely versatile and should not be underestimated. Post your suggestions on our Dream Challenges Facebook Page @DreamChallenges and we’ll send the winner a £50 voucher for Cotswold Outdoor.

Prize draw Ts & Cs

  • You have until just after Christmas: To be entered into the prize draw, get your suggestions to us by 5:00 pm on Thursday 18th January.
  • Remember to accept the prize: The winner has 14 days to accept the prize, if after this time the prize is unclaimed, we will draw again.
  • Don't be cheeky: Keep it PC, guys, we'll remove any suggestions considered offensive from the Facebook page.

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