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10 Indoor training tips

Who says you can't train when you're stuck inside? To help you prepare for your next Dream Challenge, we've put together some fab indoor training tips! With ten ideas to try and a massive variety of internet workouts at your fingertips, exercising will help you keep up your strength, mobility and stamina even when you can't get outdoors.

Check them out below and get your daily fix of endorphins!

1. Workout with your partner

If you're feeling sluggish and unmotivated, why not try working out with your partner or family member?

You can spur each other on, set goals you can master together and chat about the reward you're going to give yourselves once you've conquered your session.

Here are some workouts you can smash together at home - no equipment necessary:

- Christina Russel 20-minute partner workout

- Popsugar 7-minute partner bodyweight workout

- CBC Life 30-minute partner workout

- Partner pilates - with a puppy! The cuteness of this 30-minute full-body sculpt from Blogilates will motivate you if nothing else does!

2. Dance like no one's watching

Even if you have no rhythm and two left feet, dancing is a fun way to get your whole body moving and as you're brain's busy learning the steps, you forget you're crushing calories the whole time!

If you fancy a laugh and a bit of a boogie, head on over to these awesome dance work-outs:

- 15-minute cardio dance with the Studio

- 30-minute Popsugar kickboxing-inspired dance workout

- 40-minute Cardio Party by Sydney Cummings

3. Blast that belly fat

Time indoors is a fantastic opportunity to get stuck into some core workouts. Low-impact, fun and effective, these workouts will help you tone up your tummy, improve your balance and strengthen your abs:

10-minute fat-burning ab workout from Popsugar

Extreme Abs One, Extreme Abs Two and Extreme Abs Three from Blogilates.

4. Virtual mountain

All you need to climb a virtual mountain are time at home (which we know you have!), a sturdy set of stairs and a mountainous amount of motivation!

If you've seen our indoor fundraising ideas, you'll know this is a brilliant way to collect donations for your next charity challenge, too!

Encourage kind people on your social channels to donate, as you take to the stairs in your own home and climb Snowdon (7,120 steps/475 flights), Ben Nevis (8,810 steps/587 flights) or even Mount Kilimanjaro (38,680 steps/2,578 flights!

5. Workout with your kids

If you have kids at home, why not try out some of the fantastic family workouts on YouTube? They will have every member of your household sweating off the pent-up energy you might have. 

You can get fit together, keep your children active and entertained and benefit from the positive spirit exercise creates.

- 10-minutes of family fun from Popsugar

- PE with Joe Wicks - The Body Coach. 

- Joe Wicks also has a great ‘7-day Sweat Challenge 2020’
 - A series of full body, 20-minute workouts. No equipment, no excuses.

You can just tune in and conquer the workout with him at home. You'll feel more energised, more alert and more productive; not to mention it'll give you the push you might need to keep fit when you don't have much time!

Weekly Sports Night
Why not make it a routine to have a weekly sports night? Every Wednesday, for example, get everyone up and moving.

Fit-deck shuffle - Create a series of playing cards featuring family-friendly exercises, such as bear-crawling, star-jumps and running on the spot.

Each family member picks a card and performs the exercise on that card. The number on the card represents the number of reps you do.

To add some spice – set a ‘harder’ exercise for Ace, King, Queen and Jack – increase the intensity and excitement!

6. Group Video Workouts

If you prefer to workout with a buddy but you don't have anyone close by you can train with, why not schedule in some group video workouts with your friends or your fellow participants?

You can do this easily by:

  • Working out while on Instagram or Facebook live
  • Using Zoom for group video calls


7. Yoga

Strengthen body, mind and soul with the massive variety of yoga workouts you can try for free on YouTube.

Yoga isn't so popular for nothing. The breath-work in itself is a miracle, helping you to rid yourself of stress and inhale positive energy.

Don't be fooled by the slowness either. It may look chilled, but holding these poses is as hard as a yogi's core!

- Yoga with Adrienne - she has a tonne of videos you can follow, so why not subscribe and make it a daily routine? 

- Power yoga from Popsugar that targets your core and loosens up your whole body in 30 minutes - a fantastic way to start or end your day.

8. Punch and kick the stress away

If you live in a space where you can punch, kick and jump around, kickboxing is amazing for your abs! It torches calories, strengthens both your mind and body and let's face it - it's the best way to sweat off some angry or negative energy!

- Get ready to cut up those abs with The Cut's 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute kickboxing workouts on Popsugar

9. Step challenge

Pop your fitbit on if you have one - and if you don't, you might want to consider investing in one solely to motivate you to train for your charity challenge. 

Your aim is to meet the recommended number of steps a day. To help you reach 10,000 steps you can stroll around your home while you're waiting for the kettle to boil and turn TV commercials into fitness breaks.

In this time, make sure you get up and move. Encourage all the family to join in too, including the kids!

Complete as many different exercises as possible until the show comes back on. Ideas could be to run a couple of laps of the garden, climb up and down the stairs or complete a series of exercises, like squats, star jumps, push-ups, lunges, sit-ups etc.

10. Channel your inner super hero

Who says we can't all be super heroes? Use your Dream Challenge to tap into your super hero spirit and check out the Superhero PIIT 28 series from Blogilates.

The theme adds a bit of fun while you're stretching, flexing and reaching your super power potential.

Blogilates also has a whole host of body positivity tips, life hacks and healthy, vegan recipes to help you become your best self in both body and mind.

Why work out?

It's all too tempting to make excuses not to train. With limited time and miserable weather, summoning up the motivation can be really hard.

It's at times like these when we need to remind ourselves why we work out and the buzz we get from it.

Aside from the obvious incentive to shape up for your next Dream Challenge and reach your fitness goals, exercise also works wonders for our mental health.

The Mental Health Organisation cites a multitude of studies proving that physical exercise:

- Helps to relieve stress and anxiety

- Boosts self esteem

- Improves your mood

- Reduces your chance of mental illness

- Treats depression

Find out more about the awesome and unexpected effects of exercise in this fantastic article from Life Fitness Bike.

Don't have a challenge to train for?

If you haven't signed up to one of our exciting challenges, why not give yourself even more reason to train and book today? We have all sorts of adventures that will change your life for the better, from trekking the Great Wall of China to tracking gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest in Uganda, to cycling from Mumbai to Goa.... and the list goes on!

You can trek for Mental Health, cycle for people affected by cancer or join our spectacular Big Heart Bike Ride for heart charities and cardiac wards.

Before you worry about fundraising, we've got you covered with ten ways to fundraise in self-isolation, which you can check out here.

Whatever your dream and whatever your cause, we can practically guarantee we've got a challenge to get you moving. See our full range of adventures here and register today to secure your place.

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