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Why we Race the Sun: Kai's story

Our three-activity team challenge, Race the Sun - Lake District, supports the invaluable work of the children's charity Action Medical Research, who are forever committed to developing effective treatments and cures for devastating illnesses that threaten and hinder children's lives. One of the charity's latest priorities involves helping children like Kai, whose rare and serious lung disease holds him back from achieving his dreams.


Thirteen-year-old Kai is a talented footballer. Talented enough to have a fair shot of playing professionally.

It’s a career he dreams of - and could achieve - in a world where he hadn’t fallen victim to a rare, serious lung disease, called primary ciliary dyskiensia (PCD).

Children with PCD have a persistent cough and face a lifetime of recurrent chest infections. They often develop hearing loss and eventually permanent lung damage – and while antibiotics and other treatments may help, sadly there is no cure. But one day soon, there could be.

Research to help children with PCD, funded by Action Medical Research, offers hope:

“A new treatment that means Kai’s lungs could work normally could give him his life back,” says his mum, Aimee.

Action Medical Research are really close to finding a cure for PCD. But the charity needs your help to continue funding this essential work. With your help, Kai could one day achieve his dream and become a professional football player.

Help save children like Kai by racing the sun in 2018.

Race The Sun with three friends, canoeing, cycling and trekking from dawn till dusk in support of Action Medical Research across the Lake District.

Testing spirit, strength and stamina, this amazing adventure gets you up from your sofa and onto your feet, bikes and boats across one of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

Not only will you help children like Kai get their life back, but you’ll also conquer a momentous challenge as a team.

learn more about Race the Sun - Lake District

More about Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research fund the very best research most likely to make a difference to the lives of sick babies, children and young people. This amazing charity has played a significant role in many medical breakthroughs for 65 years, starting with the development of the first UK polio vaccine.

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