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Safe love - Valentine's Day Fundraising Ideas for Self-Isolation

Spread the love safely this Virtual Valentine's Day and try out these fundraising ideas you can do while self-isolating.

Bombarded by all the roses and love hearts, people around us (couples and singles alike) may struggle to think of something different to give and do for Valentine's Day, especially with the social-distancing measures in place.

So we're going to help you help them out with ideas that will provide them with a unique celebration and you with more funds! 

1.    A Virtual Valentine's Day

We're sure you're well versed in virtual quizzes now. Why not organise a Valentine's Day themed quiz on Facebook Live, Zoom or Houseparty? You can throw in questions about the history of Valentine's Day, love songs, romantic movies and "guess the end of the poem" in various V-Day cards.

2.    Make and sell cards

Off-the-shelf V-day cards are so 2001! Sentimental messages and original poems mean much more, so if you're a wizard with words, why not create and sell some cards yourself? Once you're done, spread the word that they are available to buy on Social Media. If you are unable to post things right now, you can create and sell e-cards - and that's better for the environment, too!  

3.    Get crafty

Feeling crafty? Why not make and sell some Valentine's gifts? Get people to pre-order, so that you can personalise them and make them really special for their loved one. Keepsakes, jewellery, charms and trinkets are all fab little gifts that you can make relatively easily, encouraging people to give their Valentine something a bit different than the generic Hallmark stuff! There are a range of gorgeous gifts and decorations you can make yourself in this slideshow from Country Living

4. Ask your valentine to donate


If you have a valentine, why not ask them to donate to your cause instead of giving you a gift or card? Every little helps! 

5.    Bid goodbye to your bric-a-brac

This time of year, many of us have unwanted Christmas gifts lying around or you may even have pre-loved V-day gifts that no longer bring you joy. Why not sell the things you have knocking around as Valentine's Gifts? If they reflect the V-Day theme, that's awesome! If they don't, no problem!

Everything means something to someone and there may be a lover out there that will love your old books. As long as they are in fab condition, pop them on Facebook Marketplace or your favourite buy-and-sell app and watch your sales fly. You could even wrap them up nicely in Valentine's Day packaging and arrange to send them straight to the receiver - perfect for all the couples that COVID-19 has stopped from seeing each other.

Share your love with the world 

Let's just take this opportunity to remind ourselves that despite what all the advertisements seem to say, love is not in a bunch of flowers or a commercial card.

Love is in the genuine smiles we give every day, the random acts of kindness, the support we give to our friends and family - and even total strangers.

It's in the time we take to spend with each other, online and in real life when possible, in lending the helping hand when someone needs it most. 

Love is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for a cause that means a lot to you. It's helping out an invaluable charity in a big way! It's supporting a team of like-minded heroes while you tackle steep hills in the saddle or trek through unknown terrain. Love is taking on a Dream Challenge

Share your love with the world and discover another side to yourself by taking on the feat of a life-time.

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