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Women v Cancer

A Christmas Message From Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

2017 has been a fantastic year for Women V Cancer. With over 3000 women taking part in three challenges across the globe, we have raised more than £1.5 million for the three invaluable Women V Cancer charities; Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, Breast Cancer Care and Ovarian Cancer Action.

Here, the team at Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust expresses just how much all our Women V Cancer heroes have helped the charity and the thousands of women they directly support.

Here's the transcript for all you keen readers: 

Season’s greetings from everyone at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

Robert Music, Chief Executive: Together, you have cycled an incredible 414,000 km and raised over £1 million in 2017 for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. That’s helped us directly support over 9000 women and reach millions through our campaigning.

Rebecca McCreath, Trustee: Hi everyone, my name’s Becca. I had the pleasure of cycling with some of you on the Women V Cancer Cycle India, Cycle Africa and most recently, Cycle Brazil challenges. Not only was I a participant, but I was actually diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was 25 and for the last six years, I have been a trustee of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust - and what that means is, I get to see exactly what a difference you are all making with the funds that you’re raising. Because of that funding, the difference that Jo’s are able to make and the invaluable support that they’re able to offer is just incredible.

The Team: Thank you and merry Christmas from the whole team at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Let's keep it up!

Since the launch of Women V Cancer in 2010, our women-only challenges have raised £12 million for the three women's cancer charities - and the momentum just keeps going. We have plenty more charity challenges for you to take part in next year, with more coming for 2019! Book your place on your next adventure and continue to help this fantastic cause - either through a Women V Cancer bespoke challenge or through any of our open challenges, which allow you to support a charity of your choice.

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