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10 ways to fundraise in self-isolation

Exciting news: you can still fundraise in self-isolation! These top ten indoor fundraising ideas will not only help you ramp up your fundraising efforts for your next challenge; but will also keep you active, smiling and sane during self-isolation! If you live with other people, you can get them involved too!

1. Fitness Challenge

Tell yourself not so much to go hard or go home, but to go hard and stay home, as you conquer your quarantine challenge for donations! 

Set yourself a specific goal to smash during self-isolation and shout about it on your social channels, so your supporters know what you’re getting up to. Film it if you can and share it far and wide to encourage people to sponsor you for your efforts.

Can’t think of a challenge? We’ve got you covered...

- Spin like the wind! If you have an exercise bike, you could do a 24-hour cycle or cycle a certain distance for donations. You'll be training and fundraising at the same time!

Virtual Mountain Climb – All you need to climb a virtual mountain are time at home (which we know you have!), a sturdy set of stairs and a mountainous amount of motivation!

Encourage kind people on your social channels to donate, as you take to the stairs in your own home and climb Snowdon (7,120 steps/ 475 flights), Ben Nevis (8,810 steps/ 587 flights) or even Mount Kilimanjaro (38,680 steps/ 2,578 flights!

Run a marathon in self-isolation - To do this, simply run a marathon (42.2km) around your home or on a treadmill if you have one and let your fitbit track your distance.

- Complete a set exercise every day (100 burpees/lunges/squats… you name it!) 

2. Instagram/ Facebook Live Challenge

Announce to your friends and followers that you’ll be shaving your head, eating an insanely hot chilli/ chilli powder or performing a dance/singing a song; then live true to your word for donations.

Remember to include the link to your JustGiving page with every post you share about your challenge.


3. Sponsored Silence

With everyone in your home cooped up together for weeks on end, keeping silent will be tough but the amount of funds you can raise towards your cause will be more than worth it!

4. Craft and create

Use your time in quarantine to make things to sell for donations. Make cards, knit blankets, sew clothes, create candles or even make jams.

The amazing Jacqui Batterbee (right) crafted crazy helmet hats year upon year for Ride the Night and has inspired hundreds of other Women V Cancer supporters to do the same, selling them to fellow participants for donations. Jacqui has now sadly passed, but her spirit lives on in all the helmet hats she knitted.

You can sell your crafts online on sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Etsy; or simply keep them aside to sell once it’s safe to socialise again.

5. Give it up

For this entire period of quarantine, give up something you love - besides leaving the house, as most people are doing that!

6. Sell stuff online!

One person’s trash is another person’s pick-up, so don’t hesitate to jump on eBay/Facebook Market Place/Gumtree and sell the clothes, books and bric-a-brac that you no longer use.

No doubt with all this time at home, you’ll notice more than ever the things taking up space in your place that you haven’t used in an age!

7. Busk online

If you have a musical talent, why not set up a YouTube channel or even just use Facebook and/or Instagram to stream your performance.

Light up people’s days with some songs and make sure to display the link to your JustGiving page somewhere your viewers can see.

8. A servant in self isolation

If you live with other people, why not offer to be their servant to raise funds? 

Do their chores, wait on them, cook for them… whatever they want!

It’ll create a laugh, make their time in self-isolation a lot sunnier and will give you the boost you may need to reach the sponsorship target.


9. Dance-a-thon

Just keep dancing for donations! Dance from 9am – 5pm for one day or even every day you spend in self-isolation. Hit play on our Dream Challenges Motivational Songs playlist on Spotify, shake off that stress and jive towards that fundraising target.


10. Teach your talent

No matter what your talent, you can sell it online. People will have a lot of time on their hands in self-isolation and so it’s a great opportunity to sell online classes. Whether your skill lies in pilates or yoga, cooking or crafting or even maths and science, you can set up a YouTube channel to teach people through video.

The easiest way to monetise your online classes for donations is to mention at the start and end of each video the cause you’re supporting and to ask viewers politely to make a small donation on your JustGiving page.

We hope our indoor fundraising ideas help you to keep you smiling and supporting your favourite charities during self-isolation. The coming weeks might well be trying but we can still keep our eyes and mind on our adventure at the end of the tunnel!

The struggle is temporary and with a chance to turn self-isolation into an advantage, you could even reach your fundraising and fitness target by the time it's over!

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