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Walk the Night participants Tower Bridge London together against cancer

Walk the Night

Challenge level: 2 out of 5

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When can I go?

14 July 2018 Sold Out
Duration 1 day

What does it cost?

Registration fee (payable today) Info £45
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Walk the Night

Walk the Night 2019 coming soon...

If you missed out on our debut Walk the Night charity challenge in support of Breast Cancer Care and Prostate Cancer UK, fear not: Walk the Night will be back next year! You’re too early to sign up at the moment, but registration for Walk the Night 2019 will open soon.

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Men and women unite! You won’t be sleepwalking through this Dream Challenge - everyone’s welcome as we take to the streets of London to stand up to cancer together. Join the first ever Walk The Night challenge and raise funds to support people affected by Breast and Prostate Cancer.

The challenge is on to walk a marathon (26.2 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles) throughout the night on a circular route, starting and finishing at Granary Square near the iconic King's Cross station. The route will take you past many famous landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and many more! Funds raised by Walk The Night will support the amazing work of Breast Cancer Care and Prostate Cancer UK.


Your itinerary

From 5:30 pm
Check-in Opens

Join us from 5.30 pm on Saturday 14 July (check-in closes at 7.30 pm) at the magical King's Cross Square. This magnificent public square is at the heart of King’s Cross and has been built where barges once unloaded their goods. Granary Square is home to many fantastic places to eat and drink where you can relax before you embark on your challenge. We have an event stage, where music, speeches and warm-ups will be hosted. You will be able to dance and sing along with the music from the start line area as you set off on your Walk The Night challenge. We encourage you to relax and soak up the summer vibe whilst making some new friends before you are called to your start area.

From 8 pm
Staggered Starts

Walkers set off in waves from 8 pm on a spectacular full or half marathon loop around central London. The challenge finishes when walkers cross the end line back at King's Cross, with the cut-off time of 9 am.

Funding options


The more money raised by participants on the challenge the higher the percentage of funds that directly support the work of Breast Cancer Care and Prostate Cancer UK


Minimum sponsorship target

  • Pay a non-refundable registration fee when you sign up for the challenge.
  • Raise a minimum amount for Breast Cancer Care and Prostate Cancer UK
  • In order to be confirmed on the challenge you must have the minimum sponsorship amount in place by 8 June 2018

Walk the Night

We provide a fully signposted route, marshals, water and snack stops, high-viz vest, medal and first aid support etc. The more money raised by participants on the challenge, the higher the percentage of funds that directly support the work of the charities. You are therefore encouraged to exceed the minimum fundraising target.

Set up your Just Giving account for Walk The Night here.

Download your Walk The Night sponsorship form here.

The £199 minimum sponsorship target for Walk The Night is per individual, regardless of whether you’re in a team or not. So if you have a team of five people, that means each of you needs to raise £199, so if you’re fundraising together, your team would need to raise a minimum of £995.

IMPORTANT: if you have chosen to fundraise together and have set up a joint JustGiving account that covers two or more people, please e-mail us the link to the page and the full names of the people the page is for.

There are two train stations within a two minute walk from Granary Square: London King’s Cross and London St Pancras International. When you come out of the stations, walk up King’s Boulevard to Granary Square, where you will see signs for ‘Walk The Night’. We do not advise that you bring your car to London. There are car parks near to King’s Cross, but due to the central location they are likely to be expensive.

We do have a number of rest stops providing drinks, refreshments and toilets along the route. We would advise you use these for a quick convenience break and to take on some energy. It is not advisable to stay at the rest stops for a prolonged amount of time as this could cause your muscles to seize up, making the onward challenge harder for you to complete.

The event officially opens to participants at 5.30 pm on Saturday 14 July 2018. Check in will be open from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm. To check in you need your specific event QR code, this will be emailed to you a few weeks before the event. The first start wave will be at 8 pm and the last start wave will be at 9:30 pm. The cut off time is 9 am on Sunday morning but no one will be left behind as we will have a support bus behind the last group of walkers.

We estimate the half marathon would take someone with an average fitness level four to six hours and the full marathon eight to ten hours.

Walking a marathon (26.2 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles) at night is a challenge but something that is definitely achievable with a reasonable amount of training. A number of the men and women who will take part in this exciting challenge will have little or no fitness level when they sign up. Walk The Night is the perfect motivation to train and get fit, all whilst raising funds for two amazing charities. Please be prepared for your challenge and try to do some long practice walks in your walking footwear before the event. Download your free training plan for Walk The Night here.

You must be at least eighteen years old to take part in Walk The Night, unless given permission by the challenge organisers.

You should bring comfortable clothing and sensible walking footwear – please make sure you wear your footwear to train in so they are broken in. In the middle of the summer you may need a layer to keep warm or perhaps a raincoat for our unpredictable summers. Please see the Walk the Night merchandise shop to purchase your bespoke event kit – be challenge ready! Although London is well lit, you may wish to bring a head torch or other creative lighting! Let us see you all through the night!

As London can be a busy place on a Saturday night it is vital that you walk in groups of 3 or more through the city. Individual walkers are advised to meet with other individual walkers and join forces to keep each other safe. We also have Walk the Night Walking Buddies - if you would like to walk with one of our Walk Buddies they will be located at the individual walkers meeting place and will leave with each starting wave. The route will take place on open pavements, therefore please be aware
of other pedestrians using the space.

Walk The Night is a walking challenge and due to safety regulations running is not permitted. All marshals on the route are instructed to report any participants running and to advise them that this is a walking only challenge.

We have a designated team of medical professionals and doctors working solely for this challenge. You will be provided with these details before the event.

Being in a team is certainly not obligatory and even if you plan to walk as a group, you don’t need to sign up as a team. It just adds a bit of fun and pre-challenge excitement for friends signing up together and thinking of a team name together.

An open team means that anyone can join, but If you’ve created a private team for just you and your buddies, make sure every one of you knows the team name, password and details. Then as each new member joins, all they need to do is enter the correct details when registering for the challenge or even after they’ve already registered by logging into their Walk The Night account, selecting the correct team under "Teams" and then entering the correct details. If you struggle at all with this, just email us at and we can sort it for you.

But just to reiterate, as long as you have the same starting time, you can walk as a team, no matter whether or not you’ve joined the team online, so please don’t worry.

Also remember that each member of your team needs to raise a minimum sponsorship of £199.

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