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Kayaking in a Lake in Finland

Charity kayaking challenges

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Our kayaking charity challenges provide a chance to truly embrace nature, all whilst raising invaluable funds for key charities.

With the wind rushing through your hair as water trickles just inches below, our kayaking charity adventures offer a slice of absolute bliss.

Glide with us across some of the world’s most beautiful crystal-clear likes, relax on golden white beaches, and camp by fairy tale pine forests filled with grey owls and reindeer. This Dream Challenge really is a dream come true.

Kayaking through Finland

Kayaking through Finland

'Thank you for helping me fundraise and take on challenges. I’ve been to places I thought I’d never see and done the impossible, whilst raising more money than I could have ever dreamt to!'

-Europe charity challenge participant


‘Thank you, Dream Challenges, for a fantastic experience and thank you for all my new friends!’

- David Chambers, Britain V Cancer Jordan Desert charity trek participant


‘I have had the best experiences of my life. I have been able to help and encourage the most amazing groups of people to achieve their goals and raise money for such fantastic causes. The biggest thing I have learned from my Job is that EVERYONE has a story.’

- Eleni, charity challenge team leader

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The Finland Canoe Adventure 2024

The Finland Canoe Adventure 2024

Join us in the Land of the Midnight Sun for our beautiful canoeing adventure this summer in 2024. Shining sun, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches – and fairy tale forests, ideal for wild camping await!

  • Jul ’24


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Challenge level: 3 out of 5

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