9 Eggs-cellent Fundraising Ideas For Easter

9 Eggs-cellent Fundraising Ideas For Easter

Kick-start or continue your fundraising to meet your sponsorship target with our 9 eggs-cellent fundraising ideas that will support you in raising funds for your charity challenge.

1. Show off that booty

Car boot sales are easy, fun and a great way to clear out that attic you’ve been meaning to get to for ages. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, as they say! Ask neighbours, family members, colleagues and friends if they have any donations to make from their garage or attic to maximise your product range and then hit the car boot sales.


2. Work-place wonders

Ask your boss if you can have a ‘Dress-down Day’ at work. Charge colleagues a couple of quid for the privilege and then ask if your company will match your fundraising total pound for pound – a fantastic way to double your sponsorship! You could also make and sell some Easter-themed treats to your team (e.g. hot cross buns, rice crispy cakes with mini eggs on top, cupcakes with mini eggs on top, bunny shaped biscuits etc.). Nothing like a bit of brain food to spread that charitable spirit!

3. Give it up for charity

Have you got any bad habits like smoking or chocolate? Why not challenge yourself to a week’s fast, where you donate the money you would have spent to charity? If your habits don’t involve spending, you could keep something like a swear jar instead, where you pop a pound into a jar every time you catch yourself doing it. Even better, try and get your friends and family to do it with you, to raise as much money as possible, while conquering those little niggles altogether.


4. Sold!

Auctions are a lovely way to raise money. They’re easy to run and can form part of a dinner party or a night out. Ask local businesses to donate a product that you could put up for auction. Hairdressers, local pubs, restaurants and hotels are all good options. Offer them something in return, by asking local press to cover your fundraising success or sending them a picture and details and they’ll be even more delighted to help.

5. Spring Clean

As delightful as this time of year is, the Spring sunshine does tend to light up all the dust in a house. This gives the perfect opportunity to offer up your services to spring clean people’s houses for a set fee or donation to go straight towards your cause. Let people know you’re willing to help with gardening, cleaning, car washing, etc. by posting in your local area’s Facebook group and sticking up a flyer on your town notice board.


6. What are friends for?

Never under-estimate the power of involving family and friends in your fundraising. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. By working closely with family and friends, you can stay motivated and inspired as everyone brings their own skills and ideas to the table.

7. Easter Egg Hunt-raising

Ask your local church/pub/school if they would let you use their premises to hold an Easter Egg Hunt. Get lots of mini chocolate eggs (in wrappers, of course and donated if possible) and hide them. Then advertise far and wide to get as many people along as possible and charge an entry fee to take part in the hunt.


8. Easter egg head

Find a volunteer who will have their head shaved – the lucky person has to get as many people as possible to sponsor him or her! Better still – get a group together for a really big eggs-perience.

9. Rabbit raffle

Try and get a local shop to donate a large, fluffy Easter Bunny soft toy – the sort of thing that everyone will want on their bed! Then ask your local pub, shop, garage etc. to sell raffle tickets on your behalf. Hold the draw on Easter Sunday!


We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration this Easter and whatever you do, have a great one! Never forget, you’re working towards an invaluable cause and we’re forever in awe at your incredible efforts and commitment to the charities you’ve chosen to support.

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