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Travel Alerts

A statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated 23rd February 2021 - still current 16th April 2021

The safety and health of our Dream Challenges participants is always our top priority and we are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation carefully and continuously.

All tour operators and holiday insurance providers take their guidance from Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice.

A message from the MD, Callum O'Driscoll

To all our valued customers

In these times, which are challenging for each of us individually and for the travel industry, I wanted to set out our position with regard to your challenge bookings for the remainder of the year and 2022.

As a medium-sized events and travel company, we are dealing with the continuing impact of the COVID-19 situation on hundreds of our challenge departures and thousands of customers.

It will take time to do this, and we need to be sure that we are following the latest UK Government advice at all times. As such, we are working through our challenges strictly in date order. Please be assured that we will be in contact with you, but I would respectfully ask for your patience so that we can we can deal with the most urgent matters first.

Thank you again for your loyalty and understanding, and best wishes from Dream Challenges.


Dream Challenges

If you were booked on a challenge that was due to depart in 2020

If your challenge was cancelled, you will have received an email with details of your refund and transfer options. You can still transfer your registration fee to a new challenge.

If you are booked on a challenge departing in 2021 or 2022

  • Following the announcements by the government on 22nd February 2021, we will be cancelling and postponing all challenges due to depart before 17th May 2021.

  • We will be doing this in date order so please bear with us while we contact everyone affected.

  • We will be reviewing overseas challenges for the rest of 2021 after the expected review by the government on 12th April 2021.

  • Should any of the following three key points make your challenge unviable, we will contact you as quickly as we can.

  • Challenges in 2021 may be cancelled because of:

    1. UK Government advice or local restrictions in your destination
    2. Our suppliers are not yet in a position to put our COVID-19 14-point plan fully in place to our satisfaction
    3. Many participants voluntarily transfer to later 2021 challenges, that make the challenge unviable.
  • Balances will be due 12 weeks before your departure date. 

  • If you are registered on a 2021 challenge, you can transfer at any time, free of charge, to a later 2021 or 2022 challenge.
    * This remains at our discretion and the offer of a free transfer may be withdrawn at any time.

  • If you are registered on a 2022 challenge, you can transfer to a 2021 or 2022 challenge free of charge.

  • If you are registered on a 2022 challenge, our usual £50 per person transfer fee will need to be paid to transfer to any other challenge in 2022 or later.

  • If you wish to cancel now, normal booking conditions apply.

  • We reserve the right to cancel your challenge within 12 weeks before departure if the number of late customer cancellations makes the challenge commercially unviable or any of the above points mean the challenge can't go ahead.

The following conditions apply to 2020 and 2021 cancelled challenges

  • If we cancel your challenge, there will be no charge to transfer to the new travel dates and we will match your 2020 or 2021 price for the same itinerary* departing in 2021. If you choose a 2022 departure date of the same itinerary, we will match the available 2021 price in 2022.

  • If your intended itinerary is not available in 2021, we will match your 2020 or 2021 price (whichever you are currently booked on) for a 2022 departure of the same itinerary. 

  • Alternatively, you may choose to transfer to any other 2021 or 2022 challenge (with no admin fee to pay). Any difference in price would be payable or, if in your favour, refundable. See all our challenges here. We will also match 2021 challenges with 2020 prices and match 2022 challenges with 2021 prices when you are transferring from a cancelled challenge.


For our full booking conditions please visit https://www.dream-challenges.com/booking-conditions/

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