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Dream Challenges Mount Kilimanjaro group photo at the National Park gate


We have over twenty years of experience turning people's Dream Challenges into reality. We've organised hundreds of events that have enabled our amazing community of challengers to raise millions for the charities closest to their hearts, make loads of new friends and achieve life changing feats. As such, we've also collected some wonderful feedback, so you can take it from our participants themselves!

Here's what our participants have to say about us...

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you and well done for the London to Brighton Cycle Challenge on Saturday. Everything at Crystal Palace seemed to go super smoothly and it was lovely to get to talk to the riders before they set off. They were all super excited! I saw some bits on Instagram from riders and everyone seemed happy. I hope the rain wasn’t too horrendous on Saturday afternoon!

I think I can speak from all three charities in saying, thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put towards this (at very short notice at times) over the last few months. It was so incredible to get our Women V Cancer events back up and running. We all really appreciate all the hard work that goes into these events and they wouldn’t be the success they are without you guys, so thank you 😊. PLUS it was so nice to see the Dream Challenges team in person!

Well done yesterday. The organisation was incredible and the volunteers were amazing, given the awful weather. I have smashed my personal £5,000 fundraising target for Women V Cancer on this challenge and I shall try and gather a group of women MPs to do Ride the Night with me too. Looks fun!"

- Tracey Crouch MP, top fundraiser for the London to Brighton Cycle Challenge 2021.

"Just a quick thank you to you and the team for the London to Brighton ride; it was a great challenge and really well organised with a great route and stops."

- Michael, London to Brighton Cycle Challenge 2021 participant

"Dear Organisers,

I took part in this ride on Saturday and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. It wasn't much fun being on a bike in such awful weather conditions but I'm sure it was equally as miserable being one of the organisers/volunteers who were involved on the day. The ride is not just about the cyclists but about everyone involved in helping to raise money for such worthy charities and I would like to offer my thanks to everyone.

I only took up cycling during the lockdown, so this was a massive event for me and I feel very proud to have completed it even if I did walk a part of Ditchling Beacon! I have now raised just over £1,000 which is above and beyond what I had hoped.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved."

- Jane, London to Brighton Cycle Challenge 2021 participant

"What a wonderful time I have had trekking from Glastonbury to Stonehenge with a group of like-minded pilgrims realising a dream. I can't overstate how much I enjoyed the whole experience! Beautiful scenery and wildlife, including hares, deer, red kites and more.

Doctor Julia, who joined as a participant, and the Challenge Leader, Theo, were incredible. He had obviously done an incredible amount of research beforehand so that we got the most out of the Challenge. Meeting up with Mark Corney made our tour of Stonehenge so much more informative and interesting than it would have been otherwise.

I would recommend Dream Challenges to anyone looking for adventure, having had my Dream Trek to Kilimanjaro summit postponed twice due to Covid, I'm seriously considering taking it on next year!"

John, Glastonbury to Stonehenge 4-day Trek 2021 participant

"Huge thank you to Dream Challenges for enabling these amazing events to take place! The trip has taught me much about myself, which I hope to put into practice now we are home! 

It has been so inspiring, the sights and sounds of Africa the simple yet seemingly happy lives of the people, the well dressed children going to church on Sunday, smiling and joyful, the desires of many to improve themselves!

It has been so inspiring that despite the difficulties of the trek, there was always support, chat and laughter, As a group, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had raised over £50k for good causes!"

- David Counsell, Walk on the Wild Side 2020 participant

"I have just completed the Mumbai to Goa challenge. First off, I would like to say what a fantastic experience it was.

Everything from the route, the hotels and the bikes were better than expected. The event staff did a very good job of tackling any issues that were put to them.

I met some great people on this trip, some that i would now call good friends, which to me is what its all about.

So i would like to say thank you for putting on such an amazing challenge and hopefully i'll be doing more in the future."

- Stephen Bedord, Cycle Mumbai to Goa 2019 participant

"Just a note to say what an absolutely fabulous experience that was!

So glad that I took the plunge and signed up. It was such an emotional journey, personally for me, having had an operation followed by Radiotherapy, Brackytherapy & Chemo for a good part of a year.

I set myself a goal to train hard and get fit for this challenge, which also took me a year and I’m definitely feeling so inspired and it was a life-changing experience.

I met some lovely ladies over the three days and heard of their own personal challenges as well. I have also made some new friends and will for sure be keeping in touch.

I will continue to cycle, already bought a new bike!

Not quite ready to sign up for another Women V Cancer challenge just yet, but I will keep looking at your website.

Also, a massive “Thank you” to you for all the work behind the scenes. Appreciated it all!"

- Rae Ellis, Women V Cancer Cycle Milan to Venice 2019

"I have done two charity challenges, first in Jordan then India. I organised different fundraising events to raise the money and also people were very generous with their donations.

I had a fantastic time and met a lovely friend who I am still in touch with after twelve years. Go for it."

- Val Simmock, Dream Challenges Past Participant

"This is an awesome trek which I completed a number of years ago and am so glad that I did. The scenery is amazing and the locals are warm and welcoming, as are the local trekking team.

I did initially suffer from the altitude but that was quickly sorted out by taking a quarter tablet of diamox each day on the way up.

To be honest, there isn't much at base camp but as with most treks, it's about the journey rather than the end destination. If you have the chance to do this then do it, you will not regret it."

- Andrew Hill, Mount Everest Base Camp Trek Participant

"It was, without a doubt, the most challenging but worthwhile experience I’ve ever had."

- Tracie Gunningham, Women V Cancer Cycle India 2018 participant

"You guys were all incredible. Patient, funny, supportive and all round good eggs. Couldn’t have done it without you all!

Signage great .... If I didn’t get lost no one will as my sense of direction is about as bad as it gets. Love to you all."

- Fiona Miller Women V Cancer London to Paris Bike Ride 2018 Participant

"My friend and I have just returned from a most wonderful and surreal trip to Kenya, Walk on the Wild Side.

I cannot praise the organisation and the team who looked after us while we were there.

The whole experience was beyond my wildest dreams and even though I was the weakest link when it came to climbing Mount Longonot, I was never made to feel it. In fact, quite the contrary; I was helped to achieve it, thanks to the support of Elijah, one of the guides.

The food was delicious, plentiful and nutritious, in other words, not basic in my book! OK, the camping side was back to basics, but not more than I was prepared for.

Everyone who came for the challenge was friendly and supportive of everyone else - real team work. Our thanks to each and everyone who worked so hard for us!"

- Chris Lumb, Walk on the Wild Side 2020 participant 

"I would like to thank you and your team for organising such an amazing cycle in India.

I have done eight challenges over the last ten years with various companies and I must admit this is definitely in first place!

It was a big challenge for me, but the Challenge Leader, Eleni and the team were absolutely brilliant.

Eleni needs special recognition. Not
once did I feel unsafe or unaware of what was expected of me. She considered every minute detail. As well as being loads of fun. I know this was a group feeling.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Dream Challenges. I am considering signing up for Borneo.

Thank you and all the best to you all."

- Liz Carrigan, Cycle Mumbai to Goa 2020 participant

"Already signed up for another challenge (or two) with DC! I just love the simplicity of the whole thing: everything is organised, researched and arranged... All I have to do is turn up, smile and enjoy!

I raised £1,500 for the Sunshine Fund, a small charity based in Newcastle, which helps disabled children and their families. I would love to know what the whole team raised as a total!

Africa really did touch my heart … I am still able to close my eyes, feel the warmth of the sunshine and look out across the vast expanse of bush, watching the zebras, antelopes and gazelles, moving so gracefully across the grasslands and the giraffes standing tall.

I can also hear the peace and quiet of the bush and the clarity and beauty of the night sky. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely return!

After months of looking for something to give my niece on her eighteenth birthday, I adopted her an elephant at the orphanage we visited and she says this was the best present ever!

I also want to say I am missing the food we have in Africa … it was absolutely delicious!"

- Vicky, Walk on the Wild Side 2020 participant

“Just got back from the event this weekend and wanted to say a really big thank you to everyone who was involved in the logistics of the event.

As a team, we have nothing negative about the challenge to feed back. The whole event, from start to finish, was just so well executed you would have thought it had been going for years.

A very big thank you! It looks as if we have raised over £6,000 for East Anglian Children’s Hospice so, all in all, brilliant.”

- Neil Springall, Team Challenge past participant

"Did this trek with Dream Challenges some 5 years ago but it was one of the best experiences and achievements! Just do it!"

- Sam Davies, Dalai Lama Trek India past participant

"What a great trip! The best so far. Proper cycling, incredible scenery and a delightful destination. Many thanks for all the organisation from your end. I am staying on in Central America for nearly three weeks."

- Mark, Cycle Costa Rica 2019 participant

"Thank you, Dream Challenges, for a fantastic experience and thank you for all my new friends!"

- David Chambers, Britain V Cancer Jordan Desert Trek 2019 participant

"What a wonderful challenge with fabulous people!! Led by very energetic, professional, funny and totally awesome Eleni Delis Readman. I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a amazing experience."

- Guler Rogers, Cycle Mumbai to Goa 2020 participant

"I would definitely recommend anyone to take part in this great event. I took part this year and such a fantastic night. Hope to take part again in another event with Women V Cancer."

- Susan McLaughlin, Women V Cancer Ride the Night London past participant

"This is a fantastic trek did it 3 years ago and would recommend it. Dream Challenges are the best!"

Julie-Ann Hughes, Great Wall of China Trek Participant

"An incredible experience with amazing women and many have become friends for life."

- Helen, Bike for Young Lives Cycle Vietnam to Cambodia participant

"Absolutely fantastic experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I learnt so much and raised a ton of money for charity!"

- Neil Mount Kilimanjaro Trek past participant

"The night was amazing! A HUGE thank you too to the marvellous marshals who remained cheerful and helpful. We had so much fun, thank you all for giving us the opportunity to take part in a truly incredible event."

- Sally and Friends, Women V Cancer Ride the Night past participants

"Having had such a wonderful experience with Dream Challenges in 2015 (BHBR India), I was worried that it couldn't be repeated. I needn't have been.

The trip to Vietnam & Cambodia was awesome. The DC crew were fantastic, as were the ground handlers and it was so, so good to reunite with the India participants and to make new friends too.

I came home 'buzzing' again and feel sure I will sign up again even though my husband and I are in our 60s."

- Anonymous, The Big Heart Bike Ride past participant

"Thank you for helping me fundraise and take on challenges, I’ve been to places I thought I’d never see and done the impossible, whilst raising more money I could have ever dreamt to!"

- Anonymous, Women V Cancer Cycle Costa Rica 2019 participant

"Tetra dream...but, it’s real! Finally relaxing after the most exhilarating and arduous Handcycle ride across Kenya!"

- Dom Coleman, Regain Cycle Kenya 2019 participant

"The trek was a wonderful experience with lovely people, through spectacularly beautiful scenery. The organisation was seamless, the crew did an amazing job."

- Rod, Let's Trek For Children Great Wall of China past participant

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