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8 Easy Pancake Recipes From Around The World

Happy Pancake Day!

In celebration of this delicious day, we thought we’d mix up the lemon and sugar for some international inspiration. True, Pancake Day isn’t celebrated everywhere around the world, but pancakes themselves certainly are. And the best thing is, they take all different shapes, tastes and sizes as you skip from country to country.

So if you want to try out something new today, get a mouthful of these...

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5 Fundraising Ideas For Valentine's Day

Love it or not, it's the month of love! A great month to refresh your fundraising methods with a lick of pink and red glitter paint! Bombarded by all the roses and love hearts, people around us (couples and singles alike) may be feeling the pressure of trying to think of something different to give and do for Valentine's Day. So we're going to help you help them out with five festive fundraising ideas that will provide couples with a unique celebration and you with more funds!

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Walk The Night Top Training Tips From Celebrity Coach, Faisal Abdalla

Faisal Abdalla, top London fitness coach, Official Trainer for Nike and Personal Trainer to Ellie Goulding and other A-list celebs, is taking part in Walk The Night 2018 and we could not be more excited! Here, he gives us his top tips on how to train your mind and core for our epic charity night marathon around London in July.

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Your 2018 goal: how to see it through

Let’s face it: we all have something we want to change about ourselves and our lives.

Whether it’s something physical, like losing weight or becoming stronger; something to do with our emotional well-being, such as building on our self-confidence; or ticking something off an ever-growing bucket list, such as completing a marathon or travelling the world… But these changes can be hard to make. There’s always something holding us back, something in our way that causes us to shrug our shoulders and think, meh, I’ll do it later.

We cannot let that happen. So here, we’re giving a few tips on how to see your goals through.

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How Prostate Cancer UK Enabled My Fast Recovery: Gary's Story

61-year-old Wildlife Photographer, Gary Davis, was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, when he took a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. His fast recovery was nothing short of remarkable - and he owes his thanks to Prostate Cancer UK for making it possible. Here, Gary tells us his story.

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An Interview With A Nepalese Mountain Guide: Meet Dawa

A glimpse of what it's really like to live in Nepal: In this interview, our Nepalese mountain tour guide, Dawa, tells us more about growing up in Nepal, the culture of the local people and the highlights of Dream Challenges' Hike the Himalayas.

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How Breast Cancer Care supported Joanna through her breast cancer

Joanna Clark, of Long Hanborough in Oxfordshire, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2016. In this moving interview with the Women V Cancer charity, Breast Cancer Care, she tells how the charity supported her through her recovery and helped her stay strong for her daughter.

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I'm riding the night in memory of my mum: Jo's story

When Jo Thompson’s mum, June Slaney, passed away in 2005 from ovarian cancer, aged just 62, Jo and her family were devastated. Jo’s mum didn’t know the warning signs of ovarian cancer and was diagnosed at a late stage, which came as a complete shock to her family. Here, Jo tells us her story.

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We’re Walking The Night To Celebrate Mum’s Breast Cancer Recovery: Joanne's Story

When Joanne and her husband, Andrew, went for their regular medical checkup, never did they think that irregular marks would be found on Joanne’s breast and that a hospital referral would follow.  As a healthy 52-year-old, Joanne hadn’t displayed any normal symptoms of breast cancer and she was shocked to discover that the test results came back with an early-stage diagnosis at the start of the summer.  

Joanne’s daughter, Jennifer, who studies at St Andrew’s University, was on hand over the summer to help care for her mum in the lead up to the mastectomy in October 2016. Here, Jennifer tells us her story.

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ChallengeHer: Time to Woman Up

I don’t know about you, but whenever I try to motivate or challenge myself, I tell myself to ‘man up’ or ‘grow some balls’. I do this a lot, especially in the winter when it’s cold and dark and I need extra motivation to let go of my hot water bottle. The other day I was doing just this - firing up my strength to go training by telling myself to man up - when I realised, that phrase isn’t empowering at all. What does being a man have to do with bravery? And why are so many of the phrases associated with being strong male-oriented? Needless to say, I immediately altered my thoughts to tell myself instead to ‘woman up’.

The truth is, there is no truth behind the sayings ‘grow some balls’ and ‘man up’. Women are just as strong and brave as men and here’s why...

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I'm walking the night for my dad: Sian's Story

Having a loved one go through cancer was something that 22-year-old Sian Hill never thought she would experience. Then her dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Here, Sian tells her story and her reason for taking part in Walk the Night.

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I'm riding the night for my daughter after my battle with cervical cancer: Zoe's story

Zoe was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years ago, during week 34 of her pregnancy. After the shock diagnosis, Zoe had a hysterectomy and a C-section during one operation and has since made an amazing recovery.  Here, Zoe tells us her story.

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Beating Breast Cancer Inspired Me To Walk The Night: Sue's Story

Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2017, when a mammogram revealed three tumours in one of her breasts. Less than one year on, she's committed to living life to the full and appreciating the people around her more than ever. Here, Sue tells us her story and her reason for taking part in Walk The Night 2018.

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A Massive Thank You From Breast Cancer Care

Video: The team at Breast Cancer Care sends a massive thank you to all our wonderful Women V Cancer heroes for supporting their invaluable cause.

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12 Ways to Fundraise This Christmas

It’s that time of year again! The season of goodwill and cheer, of love and giving, of feeding the world... so you may have guessed, it’s a jolly good time to up your fundraising game. 

All the colourful lights, Christmas carols and mulled wine help to encourage people to be more charitable.

So make the most of this magical time of year and try out these 12 festive ways to fundraise.

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A Christmas Message From Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Video: The team at Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust expresses just how much all our Women V Cancer heroes have helped the charity and the thousands of women they directly support.

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Altogether WOW

Breaking News: Dream Challenges - Altogether Wow

In the words of the 90s smash hit by The Farm, Dream Challenges and Action for Charity are ‘All together now’! After much deliberation we’ve dispensed with the Action for Charity name to trade as simply ‘Dream Challenges’. It’s just a name change, everything else about us stays the same… the superb range of challenges, the expert knowledge and the friendly team. There is just one exception….

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A Great Big Festive Thank You From Ovarian Cancer Action

It has been another incredible year for Women V Cancer and we wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you from everyone here at Ovarian Cancer Action.

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