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I'm walking the night to give back to Breast Cancer Care: Carolyn's story

When Carolyn was diagnosed in February 2017 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (a form of breast cancer), she was in shock, having considered herself fit and healthy, with no increased risk factors or previous family history. Her surgery took place a month later and yet still in recovery, with ongoing treatment taking place, Carolyn is joining Walk the Night, our charity walk through London in July. Here, Carolyn tells her story.

“Chemotherapy really took its toll on me both physically and emotionally. I did my best to put on a brave face for my children (aged five and two) but there were times when I was too weak to even give them a cuddle when they were upset. I lost my hair after the first cycle of chemotherapy and the steroids I was given to prevent a reaction to the drugs meant I gained weight quickly.”

“As my cancer was oestrogen-receptive, I am now in medically induced menopause, which brings side effects such as hot flushes, mood changes, joint pain and an increased risk of heart disease. It also means that while I am on the hormone therapy I cannot get pregnant. However, I consider myself extremely lucky to have two beautiful and healthy children, and to have received such amazing treatment.”

Carolyn was a keen runner before her treatment and has taken part in both 10 km and 5 km events previously. Taking part in Walk the Night allows Carolyn to build her fitness levels back up whilst recovering, as well as enabling her to fundraise money to give back to a charity that she holds close to her heart.

“I am taking part in Walk the Night because from the very first day of diagnosis, Breast Cancer Care has supported me. The information they have provided has been invaluable, and the Breast Cancer Care Younger Women Together event enabled me to find support within a strong community of women who were experiencing or had experienced what I was going through. Walk the Night enables me to take part to raise money for a charity that has given so much to me.”

There's still time to join this amazing night marathon through London in July 2018, but time is running out and places are filling up fast. Find out more about Walk the Night and sign up now!

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