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Women V Cancer - Ride the Night charity challenge in London supports Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, Ovarian Cancer Action and Breast Cancer Care.

My family has inspired me to Ride the Night: Nadean's story

The cruelty of cancer has unfortunately played a prevalent role in thirty-three year old, Nadean Spedding’s life for as long as she can remember, watching various family members battle against the illness. She's decided to take part in Ride the Night to rise up against cancer and support countless women through the work of the three Women V Cancer charities. Here, Nadean tells us her story.

One inspiration to Nadean in particular is her sister, who has had her breast cancer reoccur three times and has needed to undergo ten reconstructive surgeries to try and prevent a fourth occurrence.

Nadean also sadly lost her uncle, who passed away in his thirties with prostate cancer, while her mother-in-law was treated for breast cancer whilst in her late sixties and is still in recovery. Nadean has been a constant support to her family, both physically and emotionally,  during her mother-in-law’s recovery.

I have been thinking about taking part in a charity challenge for a while, and Ride the Night really stood out to me” says Nadean. “Although cycling is not my strength, I saw it as a challenge to increase my fitness outside of the gym. The fact that the ride was women-only was a huge bonus, as it took away a small part of the insecurity for me. I did some research and discovered all the wonderful charity work the ride supports and that cemented my need to take part!”  

Training for Ride the Night has also allowed Nadean to spend some quality time with her three year old son and he often joins her on her bike to encourage her to keep going and remind her of the importance of raising vital funds for these women’s cancer charities. 

“No matter what cancer throws at me and my loved ones, still we will rise. You can never take the fight out of me!” concludes Nadean.

Time's running out to join Nadean on this amazing challenge. Your deadline is 30 March! So if you want to join the cause, please secure your place before you're too late.

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Nadean Spedding, 33, is taking part in Women V Cancer Ride the Night 2018.

Nadean Spedding, 33, is taking part in Women V Cancer Ride the Night 2018.

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