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cycling worldwide for charity against cancer

Cycling Against Cancer - Women V Cancer explained

We first set up Women V Cancer in 2010, with two main aims: to help put an end to women’s cancers and to get more women on their bikes. Since then, over twenty thousand amazing women have taken on one (or several!) of our Women V Cancer challenges and have together raised £20 million for the Women V Cancer charities. In this blog post, we explain what Women V Cancer is all about.

Cycling against cancer together

Women V Cancer brings together three very important women’s cancer charities: Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. These three charities are committed to supporting the thousands of people across the UK who are sadly affected by women’s cancers and researching into developing effective treatments and cures for ovarian, breast and cervical cancers.

To give you more of an idea of the amazing work these charities do, below are a couple of stories from two of our incredibly inspiring Women V Cancer challengers, who have been personally affected by cancer...

I’m riding the night in memory of my Mum

When Jo Thompson’s mum, June Slaney, passed away in 2005 from ovarian cancer, aged just 62, Jo and her family were devastated. Jo’s mum didn’t know the warning signs of ovarian cancer and was diagnosed at a late stage, which came as a complete shock to her family.

Having witnessed her mum’s battle with cancer, Jo is passionate about raising awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and supporting cancer charities where she can. Next year will mark Jo’s fifth consecutive year of taking part in Women V Cancer’s Ride the Night event, which raises money for three invaluable women’s cancer charities: Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action.

Read Jo’s story here.

I’m supporting Women V Cancer after my battle with cervical cancer

Zoe was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years ago, during week 34 of her pregnancy. After the shock diagnosis, Zoe had a hysterectomy and a C-section during one operation and has since made an amazing recovery.

Despite not being able to have any more children, she remains positive and believes that having cancer has made her more appreciative of life and her family, including her husband and three-year-old daughter, Molly.

Zoe first saw Ride the Night advertised on Facebook and thought it would be the perfect thing to do, as she wanted to give something back to Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, who helped her through her diagnosis and recovery. Zoe also got married in September 2017 and wanted to take part in a personal challenge after her wedding.

She’s now busy fundraising and is half way to reaching her personal target of £1000 – most of which she has raised by having a free bar at her wedding, where she asked for donations in return for drinks.

Read Zoe’s story here.

My family has inspired me to cycle against cancer

The cruelty of cancer has unfortunately played a prevalent role in thirty-three year old, Nadean Spedding’s life for as long as she can remember, watching various family members battle against the illness.

She's decided to take part in Ride the Night to rise up against cancer and support countless women through the work of the three Women V Cancer charities. Here, Nadean tells us her story.

Read Nadean’s story here.

a chance to achieve your goals

The other big aim of Women V Cancer is to give all women the drive and confidence to reach your goals, whether physical, mental, charitable or all three. We’re not about competition; we’re about living the team to achieve our dreams.

That’s why all our Women V Cancer challenges are accessible to everyone who doesn’t mind committing to a bit of training and fundraising. Whether we’re cycling from London to Paris, Milan to Venice or coast to coast across Costa Rica, we put great care and effort into ensuring you feel supported throughout your entire adventure us: from initial sign-up to the challenge, right through to the completion.

We provide you with a free training plan, fundraising tips and ideas and kit list for your challenge and we also set up a private Facebook group so that you can chat with all the lovely women who have signed up to the same challenge, swap ideas and fundraising tips and even meet up before-hand.

The camaraderie

The Women V Cancer camaraderie is like nothing you've ever experienced. Coming together to push yourself to the limit and achieve something incredible for a common cause, you'll make life-long friendships with unbelievably inspiring people.

Our Challenges

Cycle Milan to Venice

This belissimo five-day adventure tries to combine all your wishes in one hybrid, stunning challenge.

Women V Cancer Cycle Milan to Venice is not too long to require a bulk of time off work and not too far from home to be expensive, yet far enough to get a good amount of sun, this challenge is happily affordable.

Also with a combo of Italy's exquisite architecture, mirror-calm lakes and rural, rolling green hills, you could be in paradise. (Except for, you know, that familiar burn in your thighs you grow to love from our beautiful, yet beastly cycling challenges!)

And did we mention all the Italian food? Pizza, pasta and paninis-a-plenty, you won't even have to worry about naughty munchies as you'll be burning it all of on the bike! Lean more about Women V Cancer Cycle Milan to Venice 2019.

Cycle Costa Rica

This stunning Women V Cancer challenge takes you all the way from the Caribbean Sea to the sparkling Pacific Ocean, passing through bustling banana farms, a rainbow of yucca and pineapples, two staggering lush, green volcanoes and some beautiful rainforests!

Spotting tree frogs, sloths and countless tropical birds along the way, you'll also get a real feel for the local lifestyle as you ride through rural villages and vibrant towns. Learn more about Women V Cancer Cycle Costa Rica.

Ride the Night London 2019

Our Women V Cancer flagship challenge brings thousands of women together every year for an epic night cycle through London, conquering 100 km to support people affected by women's cancers. Learn more about Women V Cancer Ride the Night London 2019.

Ride the Night Edinburgh 2019

Following the phenomenal success of Ride the Night London and massive demand for a second city, we’re delighted to launch our first ever Women V Cancer - Ride the Night Edinburgh in 2019!

Our flagship Women V Cancer challenge has extended its wings to the bonny capital of Scotland and we could not be more excited!

Thousands of Ride the Night Edinburgh challengers will unite to cycle 100 km through this magical city at night to support three amazing women's cancer charities, Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Over the last five years, thousands of women have cycled through London at night and raised almost £6 million. With a second city in 2019, we hope to get even more of you involved so we can make an even bigger impact in a cause that grows ever more critical. Learn more about Women V Cancer Ride the Night Edinburgh.

Cycle London To Paris 2019

We’ve come up with the perfect route from London to Paris - a route which takes us from one beloved capital to the other without the dreaded city traffic!

Starting from a park in the outskirts of London with a view of Hampton Court Palace, we leave the London bustle for rural roads through picturesque villages right through to Portsmouth.

Then, after an exciting overnight ferry, we continue through rolling French hills and the quaint, traditional towns of Caen and Évreux, until we reach the majestic capital of Paris. Learn more about Women V Cancer London to Paris

Don’t take it from us, take it from our Women V Cancer heroes

“The feeling of empowerment I got riding alongside an incredible group of challengers was unreal.” - Rachel

“I had such an amazing time, I think it was the most enjoyable ride I have ever done!” - Judith

“I would recommend that everyone experiences a Women V Cancer cycle challenge.” - Sandhy

Why you shouldn’t work yourself up about training - an account from two of our Women V Cancer challengers

Where your funds go...

Women V Cancer is a unique partnership between Breast Cancer Care, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action - and brings together the thousands of women that are affected by these cancers every year.

All funds raised by Women V Cancer challenges support the incredible work these three charities do - and it's important that we keep reminding ourselves why each mile cycled, and every penny raised, is so vital. To see a break down of how each of these charities use the money you raise, simply click on the names of the charities:

Find out more about the work of Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

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