Trek the Jordan Desert19th Oct 2024

Trek the Jordan Desert



Escape to the Jordan Desert on this life-changing challenge for people affected by mental health problems.

Trekking from the Dead Sea to the hidden city of Petra, we'll tackle a myriad of terrains, discover the secrets of this ancient land and see more shooting stars than you thought was possible.

By day, our Bedouin guides will lead us along ancient trails through towering valleys, past waterfalls, across vast, barren expanses and even to the top of the Black Mountains. We’ll immerse ourselves in the local culture and legends of this unspoiled landscape, a world apart from everyday life.

By night, we’ll rest in Bedouin camps and choose to sleep in tents or under a sky unspoiled by light pollution.

Hiking from one iconic World Heritage Site to another, we'll end our adventure with a day exploring Petra, the famous ancient city carved into the desert mountains.

The challenge may be tough, but the incredible panoramas are more than worth the workout, not to mention the cause!

Challenge grading - This is a desert trek but that doesn’t mean all flat sand. You will walk over varied terrain including rocky paths with some long distances covered over the 5 days. March, and October are chosen for cooler temperatures but in very recent years we have seen some uncharacteristically hot days. There will be some days of climbing but the altitude is considered light.




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What to Expect

  • Begin at the Dead Sea
  • Trek for 5 days on varied terrain and elevations in the Jordan desert         
  • Sleep in bedouin camps or directly under the stars in your sleeping bag
  • Finish at Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985, once the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom, and featured in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
  • Opportunity to visit Wadi Rum a protected natural beauty

Day by Day Itinerary

London - Amman

Our adventure begins at the airport in London, to catch our flight together to Amman, the capital of Jordan and perhaps one of the most modernised Arab cities.

Our local challenge leader greets us upon our arrival and a short coach transfer later, we check in to our hotel by the shores of the Dead Sea.

You may have heard of the Dead Sea’s amazing skin-healing properties due to its high concentration of precious natural minerals; but did you know that it isn’t a sea at all, but a massive salt lake, nearly ten times as salty as the ocean? It’s also the lowest place on our planet, at 410m below sea level and fast receding, due to climate change.


Our challenges are not designed for expert athletes – they’re designed for people looking for an amazing goal to train and get fit for. A number of the people who will take part in our Jordan Desert Trek will have a low level of fitness level when they sign up. The challenge is the perfect motivation to get fit, improve your own mental and physical health and well-being whilst supporting the mental health charity of your choice.

We strongly recommend you train for the trek as we’ll be tackling some steep terrain in the desert, especially as we venture up through the Black Mountains and the fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Please invest in a pair of quality hiking boots with ankle support to wear during your training and on your trek in Patagonia, as these are essential for walking on uneven terrain. We also recommend incorporating hills in your training treks.

Once you register for Walk With Me Jordan Desert Trek 2024, we’ll send you a realistic training plan. This builds up gradually over time so you’ll be ready and raring to go by the time we depart for Jordan.

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